This reel contains select images from the following productions:

We’ll Find Something- a short film starring Shane Carruth and Amy Seimetz (Dir. Casey Gooden)

Academy Sports x Everlast (Dir. Hussain Marouf)

The Commission - a documentary about the SEC (Dir. Casey Gooden)

Academy Sports “Bike and Run” (Dir. Krysten Butler and Chris Kelly)

The Object, short film (Dir. Jason Reimer)

Coca-Cola x Michael Sam “#MakeItHappy” - (Agency: Wieden + Kennedy)

Southern Migrators commercial - (Dir. Lisa Jenkins)

About Mom and Dad (Dir. Rachel Gibson-Shepherd)

Bob Birdnow - (Dir. Eric Steele)

Baptist Generals “Fly Candy Harvest” music video - (Dir. Jason Reimer / SUB POP)

Clean, short film (Dir. Augustine Frizzell)

Mexico Board of Tourism “Mi Mexico” - (Agency: Ogilvy)

Deadliest Catch S8 promos - (Discovery)

Friendly Captivity, India documentary - (Dir. Sue Sullins)